The master station serves as the supply axis of the charging satellites and, includes in addition to the protection of the charging satellites, also the charging control as well as power and data recording and touch display. According to current ASFINAG planning manuals the housings are available as an aluminum/stainless steel combination.
The operation takes place via the 15 inch touch display as well as via the RFID reader. In addition to the internal temperature control, there is a modem for data transmission in the master station.

Slave-Charging station

The slave charging station has a 400V power socket.
The housing is made of ground stainless steel V4A.
The constructional, technical housing design ensures an automatic disconnection of the line connection when the truck drives away.
The slaves can rotate in the direction of the truck!
Therefore it is very unlikely to cause damage to the slave charging station. The charging process can be activated via the master station (touch screen, RFID reader) or by the QR code at the slave charging station. The status messages are made via the built-in ME-Power Led.

LED green

When the LED lamp is green it means that the slave is free and ready for operation. (Depending on the backend connection different status displays can be implemented!)

LED red

When the LED lamp is red it means that the slave is busy, reserved, disabled or that a fault has occurred. (Depending on the backend connection different status displays can be implemented!)

Rotating Slave charging station

The video shows the rotatability of the slave.

Connector Strain Relief

In the video you can see that if you forget to disconnect the connector, it will disconnect as soon as the truck will drive away.

How it works:

> The drivers place their trucks on the
    parking lot marked with a pictogram.

> The cooling units are connected directly
    to the terminals via an electrical outlet.
> After the system is unlocked, the cooling
   process is started by means of green electricity.
> The payment is cashless via SEPA load pins.
> The electronic function descriptions on the main
   power terminal are available in several languages.