KEEP-ME-COOL is an intelligent and reliable charging infrastructure for refrigerated trucks on motorways and highways.

KEEP-ME-COOL is an environmentally friendly and sustainable system. 

For instance: During the cooling on the resting places, no CO2 emissions are emitted, since the refrigerated trucks are powered by electricity through the KEEP-ME-COOL system instead of diesel. For example, if only 5 trucks are transferred to the new system, up to 40 tons of CO2 per year can be saved. In addition, the cooling of the cargo is low in noise and odorless, since the motors can be switched off. So the KEEP-ME-COOL system is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Further advantages of the KEEP-ME-COOL-System are:

• a cost reduction because cooling via a power connection is a more favourable alternative than diesel cooling

• an increased comfort during the cooling operation, because the truck drivers can use their rest breaks better as they are no longer disturbed by running engines. This also increases traffic safety as the truckers can concentrate again after a recovered break.

• a more efficient and more sustainable cooling operation, as on the one hand diesel consumption is reduced and, on the other hand, fewer exhaust gases are generated.


And the most efficient and environmentally-friendly! Per year with 5 trucks up to 40t CO2 savings.

We offer

A simple and optimal infrastructure for the supply of refrigerated trucks.


The equipment has a compact and robust construction, so that the system is suitable for daily use on motorways and highways. In addition, the equipment has been designed to protect against vandalism. 


The KEEP-ME-COOL systems are also easy to operate and they provide secure registration and secure data recording.